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Lessons in the comfort of your own home, no need for you to drive.

We focus on where your passion is, what songs you want to learn and which techniques you need to learn to get there. The important thing is that you have fun!

Basic practicing is done at home and the lessons provide guidance, inspiration and practice material etc.

60 minutes, 450SEK + Travel
40 minutes, 400SEK + Travel
25 minutes, 350SEK + Travel

Buy 10 lessons in advance and get one lesson (but not travel) for free.

Travel = 3SEK/km

Example of 10 25min lessons in advance, in your home, 10km away: 3150 (9 lessons) + 600SEK (travel) = 3750SEK

Below you can read about the different instruments and areas I teach/guide.

Beginner to Advanced level


Vide's guitar experience reaches back more than 20 years. He is able to get you started with guitar if you're a beginner, or master it if you've come a long way already.

Acoustic and electric guitar
Tuning the guitar
Understanding the guitar's parts
Using a pick and finger picking
Reading tabs and chord charts
Chord buildup and bar chords
Improvisation - solo guitar
Chord progressions
Advanced solo guitar
Alternative tunings
Writing your own songs
Creative and Inspirational guidance

Make your band sound great with


Vide is an excellent songwriter, arranger and performer. He can help your band sound great, making you more in sync and get your creativity flowing.

Get each member to add their personality to the mix
Bring out that little extra in the band's sound image
Prepare the band for studio recording or live show
Ensuring the songs are at a professional level before release
Manage the recording, mixing and mastering of an album
Help with distributing your music to iTunes, Spotify et.c.

Access your full potential with


Can't find that bridge?
Does it feel like the chorus doesn't match the verse?
Do you have a writer's block?
Want to get tools to write better songs?

With years of experience in songwriting, helping other musicians finding the creative flow, Vide can help you find your way when you're stuck or want tools to simply get better at writing songs.

Tools to write engaging lyrics
Matching the lyrics with the music
Chord progressions
Finding your style

Lessons are given by Vide Geiger, in your home (add travel cost 2SEK/km, to and from) in Helsingborg.
The student needs the instrument at home to practice in between lessons.
All lessons are either weekday evenings or weekends.
Vide Geiger is registered in Sweden and accepts Swish or cash

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