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Vide Geiger har skrivit och framfört musik, utformad av pop, värld, blues och amerikansk folkmusik, i över 25 år. Influerad av Peter Gabriel, Dave Matthews Band och Pink Floyd, tar Vide Geiger lyssnaren på en resa som är både unik och inspirerande.

Under 2010 släppte han singlarna Stones and Brown Grass, följt av You've Come Home 2012 och Let It Flow 2014. Hans EP Full Steam Ahead, med samma titelspår släpptes i början av 2017 med ett release party i Simrishamn , Sverige. Samma år släpptes singeln Conflated.

Resan startade i New Hampshire när Vides pappa gav honom sin första gitarr vid 14 års ålder. Han gick med i sitt första band, Wunja, vid 16 års ålder i Skogsnäs, beläget mitt i norra Sverige. Han skapade snabbt sitt eget sound i bandet och började komponera svenska folkmusik med underliggande stilar av rock, blues, funk, jazz.

Live @ Backafestivalen
Conflated - senaste singeln
Photo shoot
Utmärkelse: Enastående prestation
Full Steam Ahead - EP
Live i Brampton, Canada
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“About the recording of the debut album: 'Poetic musical beauty is unfolding in what seems to be a very powerful and special musical project being recorded RIGHT HERE at Beyond The Beat Studio. A culmination of many years of hard work and God given talent by all the musicians involved is resulting in a brand new sound. Vide Geiger is at the helm with loads of vision and powerful songs. Hats off to Marlon Pennant, John Allen, laying down the sweetest rhythm short of a time machine ride back to the oh so sweet great sessions of the 70's..! This is very positive stuff and I am over the moon about the whole thing.'”

David MacKenzie, Ägare,

“We just finished working on a gig with Vide Geiger, who played lead guitar in Vanessa Marie Carter's country band. Vide is a real master on both acoustic and his stratocaster, picked things up incredibly quickly after only a few practices and his performance was flawless. He also has great vocal skills. Most importantly, for a guy who is THAT good, he has no ego - he is both incredibly talented and just a really nice guy, so easy to get along with and he fit in very well with a 5 piece band. Rarely do you see an artist as truly competent as this.”

Jeff Schmalz, VMC Band Manager

Outstanding Concert Performance – Solo/Small Ensemble: For a moving performance of original, inspired songs, that were both inviting and complex, the winner is VIDE GEIGER

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